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3D Printer 2

Another build of DIY 3D printer (Ultimaker2 Clone CL-260) – the purpose is for enclosed and high precision printing.  This square designed printer will easier for me to modify it into an enclosed printer.


Some imperfections with the kit, doesn’t feel confirtable with the destortion in the base plate holder – check out the spring hight in the photo it easy to see the different.  Should replase all the bearings with better one in my next maintenance.

After heavily modified the printer – firmware / stepper driver / auto fan cutoff / reposition stepper motor / insert silicon tube into the heatend (jam for few times while printing complex structure).  Here is the precision what I achieved




3D Printer

Tools need to build before building parts.  A DIY 3D printer, firmware tuning/modifying, software tuning/modifying, hardware tuning/modifying (stepping motor driver has been replaced with TMC2100).  It’s base on open source that allow me to modify the firmware, hence the precision tuning is the key factor for this build.  Knowing the strength of PLA material before design the parts that needed for this eBike project.